Friday, April 3, 2009


We at Web MD, B.C. promise to provide you with the most up-to-date ancient medical wisdom. Whether you suffer from an abundance of pneuma, an aggravated spleen, or even love-sickness, we can offer expert advice to re-balance your humors and realign your animal spirits. If you are looking for a poisonous and ultimately futile chemical cure, please visit our similarly named competitor site. However, if you want to be cured using judicious prescriptions of wine, bathing, friction, and simple vegetables, this is the site for you. While Erasistratus and I may not agree on many topics, (in fact we often violently debate whether the veins originate in the heart or the liver, and many such matters) we both feel that our style of Medicine is infinitely preferable to the type that has been practiced in modern centuries. We invite the reader to write in with any medical questions, and we will answer them with our wealth of knowledge. Forget WebMD, this is WebMD, B.C.

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